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Binary downloads

These downloads include Tcl and most dependencies in an application folder. You do not have to install this program: You just unpack the folder, and run the program straight from the folder. You may not move the binary outside of the folder (as it looks at its current location for dependencies). You can make a soft link to the binary in another location, and use that to start the program.

Older versions

MS Windows

If you have previously installed versions of Tcl8.0, ExtraTcl 8.0 or RnaViz, remove them using the uninstaller. Get the files and install them in the given order by double clicking and following the instructions in the installer. Do not stray from the default settings, unless you know what you are doing.


These RPMs may work for other distributions as well, but I have not tested that. Download and install. If these do not not work for you, you can compile from sources
Peter De Rijk