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If you have build binaries for other platforms, you might send them to me for inclusion in the binaries section. Other people using the same platform as you might be happy with this. Also if you have found (and solved?) any bugs or errors, I would be happy to hear about it.

The spec files used to build RPMs for Mandrake are in the tar files in the build directory. These may be useful (with some small adaptations) to build for other distributions.

RnaViz sources


How to build

Tcl8.3 and Tk8.3 should be installed first. The other packages are all dynamically loadable extensions. All these packages can be build using the following scheme (example for Extral):

  1. Unpack the file
    tar xvzf Extral-2.0.0.src.tar.gz
  2. Goto the build directory:
    cd Extral/build
  3. Configure. This command has several options you might want to use. You can get a list of options using
    ./configure --help
    eg. use --prefix for installation in /usr instead of in /usr/local. May depend on where your Tcl installation is
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    eg. use --disable-stubs for compiling with older Tcl versions (< 8.0.5)
    ./configure --disable-stubs
  4. Make the program
  5. Install. You may have to become superuser (root) to do this
    make install

Peter De Rijk