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2013 Dec.: an easier binary distribution is available (this includes all dependencies)

What is RnaViz

RnaViz is a user-friendly, portable, GUI program for producing publication-quality secondary structure drawings of RNA molecules. Drawings can be created starting from DCSE alignment files if they incorporate structure information or from mfold ct files. The layout of a structure can be changed easily. Display of special structural elements such as pseudo-knots or unformatted areas is possible. Sequences can be automatically numbered, and several other types of labels can be used to annotate particular bases or areas. Although the program does not try to produce an initially non-overlapping drawing, the layout of a properly positioned structure drawing can be applied to newly created drawing using skeleton files. In this way a range of similar structures can be drawn with a minimum of effort. Skeletons for several types of RNA molecule are included with the program.

Some of the features

Open source

RnaViz is fully open source: It is licensed under the GPL. Tcl/Tk as well as the Extral and ClassyTcl/Tk Tcl extensions it depends on are available under the BSD license.

Reference information

If you use this program, you should cite the following article:

Peter De Rijk, Jan Wuyts and Rupert De Wachter (2003)
RnaViz2: an improved representation of RNA secondary structure.
Bioinformatics 19(2): 299-300

The paper on the previous version:

Peter De Rijk and Rupert De Wachter (1997)
RnaViz, a program for the visualisation of RNA secondary structure.
Nucleic Acids Res. 25(22): 4679-4684

Peter De Rijk